I have often times been afraid to approach females because of their beauty, or aura, or the intimidation. I am sure that females feel the same way or similar when approaching a male. I am not alone when it’s hard to walk up to someone or even talk to someone in the same class or working in the same company as yourself and not having any idea of what to say. People are always judging and saying that first impressions are everything. Well first impressions aren’t everything but they are important, but people shouldn’t judge on just one impressions. Often times it is unfair to a person who is having a bad day, who is stress out, who just lost someone close to them, who just had break up as well as other examples. When people meet someone in one of these situations without knowing it, it could cause the person to not want to meet the person with the situation again. This is sad i know but it is also true and happens all the time. How can people fix these things? Well, there is a solution though it isn’t for everyone and isn’t a simple process and that is virtual or online romance.

You meet people online whether it be in a chat room, dating apps, free chat line (phone chat) sites or on one of the many sites now that people find matches on. This way you can sit at your computer and search for the kind of person you want to find, yes of course you take the risk of someone not being honest, or meeting up with a strange person but those things happen to people in every day life so there isn’t much of a difference if any. After you search and wait for the reply, you are able to tell the other person about yourself in a slow paced manner that is controlled. You don’t have to worry about having something in your teeth, or sweaty palms, or a bad breath. You are able to process your thoughts at a slightly faster pace than you would if you were speaking to a person face to face. Yes you lose out on the physical presence of the other person, and the body language as well as expressions but you also get a chance to just talk with another person. You won’t mistake a common gesture as a romantic signal.

You allow yourself time to set a foundation for a relationship, that is often lost in relationships these days. It seems like people are just attracted to one another and just want the physical aspects of a relationship, which seems to lead to a lot of individuals cheating on their so called partner and having their partner be fine with it. If people are able to communicate verbally and set a foundation based on trust, honesty, loyalty then the relationship has a far greater change to grow and turn into something really special. Online dating may sound crazy to some since people might wonder how a person can like another person if they never have met. It’s the new age, it’s easier to meet people than at bars, clubs and such since you can target what type of person it is you are seeking. Instead of wondering if that person has a bf/gf or what the person is really like, it shouldn’t matter if you like someone who you have never met or someone you always meet, as long as you and that person have a connection there is something to hold on too. Only those two people know what it is going on in their own online dating world and won’t be understood until the online dating becomes a real life dating. There is hope for everyone, but like I said online dating or romance isn’t for everyone but it does provide one possibility for a solution to help those that have been in an awkward situation, don’t get that second chance, shy individuals, ones who aren’t confident in themselves as well as others.

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