So you have found yourself with a girlfriend and the love magic has worn off by the Valentine’s Day which is right around the corner. What should you do? Whether you’ve been dating for a few weeks or a couple of months that is still a very delicate situation, and must be handled carefully. I hope with the following advice you can create a plan for your breakup with your girlfriend right before Valentine’s Day as easy and painless as possible.

I am assuming that anyone reading this article doesn’t want to stay in a relationship through Valentine’s Day merely to be given a present, and does not wish to split up with their girlfriend simply to get out of giving a gift. If this is true, then this is most likely not the article for you. Women do love Valentine’s Day, and do get excited about the fact that their significant other will be pampering them with affection on this the holiest of holidays for women. They plan months in advance for this one particular day, and yes, a break up will put a major cramp in their plans. But if you know before Valentine’s Day which it just is not going to work out, something has to be done.

As a wonderful person you might choose to wait until after Valentine’s Day to do the deed, thinking that at least your girlfriend will probably have one nice last memory and will not need to be alone throwing a pity party for one on the vacation. But if you wait you may be prolonging her agony. She may be having ideas that you’re the one for her that she’s finally found her soul mate, and she may possibly even anticipate a sparkling ring in a small red velvet heart shaped box, so which would link the two of you eternally. All the while your ideas are on “How much longer until I could ditch her?” This isn’t fair to your girlfriend.

While the breakup will be hard on her, and also the fact that it is right before Valentine’s Day will weigh heavy on her mind, after she’s had time to think it through she will understand that you did the right thing. As in any other breakup, ensure you’re somewhere comfortable for her, somewhere that you can leave whenever you’re done with “the conversation.” State your reasons for needing the breakup, be honest, but at exactly the same time dignified. Give short concise reasons, and make sure she understands that this is final and there is no chance for reconciliation down the road. Give her an opportunity for the closure that nearly all of us girls need, and then get out.

If done correctly your girlfriend, well today ex-girlfriend, might have time to make change her plans for Valentine’s Day. She can gather her friends together and have a great anti-Valentine’s Day celebration. Anything she does decide to do with her Valentine’s Day, then you need to recall it is her choice, not yours. You’re not allowed to be covetous or make her feel guilty for still appreciating her Valentine’s Day even though she’s not with you.
Remember, it doesn’t matter if or how your break up occurs, your girlfriend will still be hurt. At least give her the courtesy of truth, and leave her respect intact.

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