Valentines day is a special day when all of us can show the person we love, how much we love them. Traditionally, men buy women gifts and may get something in return that they really don’t care about. Lets face it, Valentines day is for women and retailers. Retailers make money and women get expensive gifts, but us guys tend to get overlooked.

Guys aren’t as into gifts as women, but there are a few things that you can do that we appreciate just as much, if not more than an acutal gift. Personally, I’d rather have my girl surprise me with one of my fantasies than to buy me anything. If you want to give your man a valentines day he’ll never forget, consider doing any or all of the following: (Click on any of the topics to view pics)

Cheerleader: I can’t think of too many guys that don’t have a cheerleader fantasy. If you are adventurous, surprise your man, dress up like a cheerleader and do every nasty thing he wants you to do.

School Girl: This one ranks right up there with the cheerleader. Make sure you buy the costume and don’t forget to pigtail your hair.

Pirate: You probably don’t think of sexy when you think of pirates, but click on the word and see what I’m talking about.

Alice In Wonderland: Most guys won’t admit it, but they have probably had fantasies about fictional characters. Try this one out and see if he likes it.

For the super adventurous, here are a few more ideas that you might want to look into. Trust me, if you don’t want your man leaving you for some other woman, pull one of these out every once in a while (not just on Valentines day.) and see if it doesn’t make your relationship better.

  • Angel
  • Executive Dominatrix
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Referee
  • Queen Bee

Yes, it’s that simple. Dress up and do every freaky thing you can possibly think of. I guarantee that he will like it alot better than some crappy gift he receives on a holiday that he probably doesn’t care about. Guys, if you happen to be reading this, go get your girl and show her this. For more ideas on what to wear for your man, visit

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